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About: About

There are many different pieces of my life that inform my therapy practice. Among those are that I was raised in a Buddhist monastery. My Buddhist up-bringing, as well as my on-going Buddhist practice, influences my therapeutic approach as well as my orientation towards the world.

I decided at a relatively young age that I wanted to be a home-birth midwife. For more than 20 years, before becoming a therapist, I worked as a midwife in various settings: home-birth, Planned Parenthood and at numerous birth centers. Holding space for countless natural births, helped me to understand on a visceral level the raw, cosmic experience of life’s transitions that are fundamentally beyond our control. 

Other things that strongly guide my style as a therapist are my explorations of the Diamond Heart Approach and my masters, that I received from California Institute of Integral Studies. I work somatically, in an attachment-oriented way, utilizing psychodynamic theories, Self Psychology and Control Mastery Theory. 

The thing that informs my work the most, however, has been my experience of learning to be in a relationship with my partner, children, parents and friends in a honest and connected way. With age, spiritual practice, and my own therapy, I feel closer to myself and more capable of being genuine about who I am with others. My own work on myself has helped me to express love more freely and receive the love of others more easily. I bring both my empathy to my clients as well as my belief that healing is possible-and my understanding of how that healing happens. 

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