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Psychotherapy and Wholeness

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Therapy is a process of making ourselves whole through telling our stories, dreams and reflections to another skilled person who can sort through the meanings of these stories with us. It is a sacred space in which we can bring our hidden selves into the light. A place where all our feelings are welcome. You don’t need to be anyone specific here. There is no social pressure to show up a certain way. Sad, happy, angry, stuck—all versions of you are invited to be present in their fullness.


Sometimes people come to therapy because of the stress of a break-up or because they are feeling dead at work or because they have difficulty with some aspect of themselves that keeps perniciously asserting itself. In any of these situations, and so many others, the space to be seen in our entirety can be invaluable. Through being seen-and more deeply seeing ourselves-we can weave a narrative, and a self, that is increasingly coherent.

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