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As infants we thrive on our care providers being emotionally attuned and responsive to us. When we’re happy, they mirror our happiness, amplifying it in the process. When we’re distressed, they see our fear, or our pain and they help us feel better.

As adults we aren’t that different. We grow and develop best when we feel seen, reflected, and understood. As your therapist I work to see your struggles from the inside. I want to know how the world exists–and has existed–for you. It is from this aligned, empathic perspective that I can join with you in understanding what burdens you. And ultimately make sense, with you, of how to move through your difficulties to the other side. In our deepest places of suffering, the simple presence of another, helping us to articulate the complexity of our experience, eventually allows us access the innate strengths and capabilities to let what is core in our beings, be realized.

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